Funny stupid laws in america

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funny stupid laws in america

Stupid Laws of South America: Funny, Dumb and Strange South American Laws by Jeffrey Fisher

Enjoy this collection of funny, stupid and often bizarre laws from South America. This includes a selection of both past and current laws.

Below are a few samples of strange laws from South America:

In Bolivia, it is illegal for women to have more than one glass of wine in a bar or restaurant.

It is illegal to have sex with an idiot in Valencia, Venezuela.

Sodomy is punishable with death, in Peru.
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Published 16.12.2018

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20 Most Stupid Laws In The U.S.

In the United States, there are both federal and state laws. The 50 states of the United States are allowed by the federal constitution to formulate and implement their own laws. Some of these laws are rarely implemented and are even considered weird, controversial and obnoxious. While some of these laws are outlandish and could rarely be broken nonchalantly by the average citizen, some laws refer to behavior so commonplace that many could be breaking the law without even noticing! In the US state of Washington, it is a crime punishable by either a fine or a jail term to harass big foot, Sasquatch, or any other undiscovered species. Skamania County, Washington, was the first county to draft the law in which states that "any willful, wanton slaying of such creatures shall be deemed a felony".

We've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in America, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Yes, it's illegal for a drunk person to enter a bar in Alaska. No, a woman's hair does not legally belong to her husband in Michigan. The list goes on. We decided to undertake some legal legwork and identify the strangest statute still on the books in each state.

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Dumb laws , also called weird laws , strange laws , futile laws , or unnecessary laws , are laws that are perceived to be useless, humorous or obsolete, i. A number of books and websites purport to list dumb laws. These are in many cases based on misunderstandings, exaggerations or outright fabrications. Laws presented as "dumb laws" are laws that are perceived by the speaker to be useless, no longer applicable in regard to current culture or modern law , or humorous. A large number of hoax or exaggerated dumb laws are circulated on the internet and in the print media. Several books have been written and numerous websites exist on the internet purporting to list "dumb laws" in various jurisdictions.

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  1. Fortunately, what follows here is good news: a roundup of weird, bizarre, quirky, or otherwise nonsensical laws that a really do exist according to state legislatures, local newspapers, or legal databases like Justia; and b are not awful.

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