What does it mean to dream about a dragon

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what does it mean to dream about a dragon

Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest by Albert A. Dalia

Dream of the Dragon Pool – A Daoist Quest is a multifaceted novel woven around the historical fact of the death-sentence exile of China’s best-loved poet-adventurer, Li Bo (also known as Li Bai, 701-762 A.D.). This is an adventure story of magic and myth that involves the occult powers of an ancient Chinese shape-shifting vampire written in traditional Chinese-style wuxia (heroic) novel form.
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Dreams About Dragons – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about dragons might indicate someone with a fiery temper or a person which easily loses control. They might also indicate a passionate person. That person might even be you. Dragons indicate personal growth and empowerment. It is a great sign to have in a dream if you want to advance in your business or career. Dreaming about killing or fighting a dragon might signify overcoming some big fear or confronting something or someone.

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Dreams About Dragons — Dragons are ancient mythical creatures that were very popular in the past and still are in some cultures around the world. In the cultures where dragons are popular, they represent different aspects of life. In the eastern culture, for example, dragons represent benevolence while in the western culture they represent malevolence. The western dragons are large, fierce and scaly while the eastern dragons are colorful and beautiful. In the stories that have been widespread around the world, some dragons have been known to be keepers of underworld treasures while others are known to guard the heavens which often represents the place with insight and inspiration.

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  1. The meaning of the dream symbol: Dragon Added: 2 September Dragons are fearless creatures that often represent protection.

  2. There is also a belief that if a dragon appears in your dream, it can mean that you In this case you should think what it could be and you should face your fears.

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