400 years of slavery bible

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400 years of slavery bible

Xpress Hebrew Israelite Scriptures - 400 Years of Slavery Edition: Restored Hebrew KJV Bible by Khai Yashua Press

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Published 16.12.2018

US Commemorates 400th Anniversary of Slavery in America

The Black Hebrew Awakening: The Final Years As Slaves In America - Kindle dealt with years of oppression and how this can be tied to Biblical prophecy.
Khai Yashua Press

US commemorates 400 years since the birth of slavery in August 1619

Image courtesy of Creative Commons. Transporting Africans by ship across the Atlantic Ocean as slaves did not end until , and scholars estimate about , Africans — including children — were brought to what became the United States. Besides being sold as property, the Africans were also stripped of their original names, languages, cultures and religions. To break the spirits of slaves, their white owners used New Testament verses to justify human bondage:. Christian scholars, like the late David L. Bartlett of Yale Divinity School, have since reinterpreted such verses.

Happy Monday, I guess I could say. We are very thankful for all of you who listen to our program. If you are a one of our partners out there praying for us, we are especially thankful. We need prayer and we need your praying and listening to us to keep this ministry going in. In fact, they were slaves, brought here from the African continent, brought across the Atlantic Ocean and forced into servitude. Joseph Green. So Joe, thank you so much for making the time to be on with us today.

Conspicuously, entire books and sections are missing from the testament: Most notably the whole story of the Exodus out of Egyptian slavery is absent. To be more precise, these passages were intentionally removed. While that abbreviated Bible effectively converted many slaves to Christianity, it seems a hollow gesture to have shown concern for the souls of slaves while at the same time perpetuating the bondage of their bodies. Sadly, many slave-owners believed that Christian slaves made better workers, so they perverted the Christian faith to make slaves more docile and subservient. In the darkness of night with the risk of punishment and death, slaves prayed in secret and found Him in spite of their bondage. He made all pharaoes understand. Let my people go!

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In August , an English ship landed on the shores of Virginia with some 20 African captives aboard. Four hundred years later, the date is being commemorated as the beginning of the age of slavery in North America. Just along the boardwalk in Virginia's seaside town of Hampton — once known as Point Comfort — stands a stark plaque. Four hundred years ago, the ship dropped anchor in what was then an English colony. As the Hampton History Museum recounts, the captives came from the kingdom of Ndongo, in present-day Angola. Altogether, the boat carried some enslaved people. As it sailed toward Veracruz, in present-day Mexico , the ship was intercepted by the White Lion.

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