Ejercicios para taller de teatro

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ejercicios para taller de teatro

Taller de Teatro: Juegos Teatrales Para Ninos y Adolescentes by Pepa Lavilla

Una guia practca para preparar una representacion teatral que combina la expresion corporal y gestual para llevar de forma natural a ninos y adolescentes al juego dramatico. Para divertir a los mas pequenos impartiendo un taller teatral, durante una fiesta o ante una inesperada tarde de lluvia, Pepa Lavilla propone mas de sesenta juegos en un espacio de creatividad adaptado a las diferentes franjas de edad, donde ninos y adolescentes descubriran la satisaccion del trabajo en grupo y ganaran seguridad en si mismos, a la vez que se inician en la interpretacion teatral viviendo experiencias que no van a olvidar.

El taller es una forma de aprendizaje participativo en grupo, en el que todos tienen libertad para hacer contribuciones, bajo la guia de un coordinador. Es un metodo de aprendizaje que ha demostrado ser especialmente util en todas las actividades artisticas. La coleccion talleres proporciona tanto a coordinadores como a participantes los instrumentos y las claves para conocer el metodo y tomar parte activa en talleres organizados en torno a los mas diversos campos de la creacion.
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Juegos teatrales

ni de teatro, ni de psicodrama, ni de otras muchas actividades, interesantes expresion aparecen en la dramatizacion -asi como en el teatro, asi como en la vida- LOPEZ VIDRIERO, M. L.: Actividades para un taller de teatro. Adara. La.
Pepa Lavilla

Teatro del Pueblo: a gift of theatre, food and friendship by Laura Bustamante

Participants need to be bilingual or advanced Spanish students. El objetivo del taller es introducir a los participantes a ejercicios teatrales. Entre todos crearemos situaciones para que sean transitadas por los personajes. The objective of this workshop is to introduce participants to theatrical exercises. To offer them tools to explore and develop their expressiveness through theater, while using Spanish to communicate. Through movement and vocalization exercises we put our imagination in motion, by creating characters. We will create situations to be experienced by our characters.

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It was hard for me to believe that most of the participants are relatively new to the craft. They were right on the mark during the first workshop after months of not working together. In the first exercise, Sayda passed a clap around the circle, an activity that requires complete concentration and cohesive group work where all members have to trust each other. That clap was smooth, syncopated, dynamic, and everyone was breathing in unison: the sign of a professional theatre company. In the second workshop they were writing text, and directing these scripts by the third. Most had no theatre experience, but that was the point; to give non-theatre professionals the experience of putting on a play at a professional theatre.

This book can be used as a guideline for those who, one way or another, work on expression with pupils: from leisure time coaches, including socio-cultural animators, to those that, as amateurs, gather together to devote some time for drama. Until that moment comes, its intention for the learning of this art is to change the educative world into a more theatrical world. The activities are presented in the shape of cards to prepare a workshop in a practical and efficient way, choosing three cards conveniently for each one-hour session, not necessarily from the same area. On the back, each card comprises a theoretical section for the students who participate in the workshop that includes advise, drama vocabulary, anecdotes, quotes with name and surname in order to make them think and some key drama characters. And since drama as a teaching method must have an eminently practical result, a drama piece elaborated expressly for secondary school students is also included, as well as guidelines for the staging and all the steps to take in order to show it in public. Las cookies nos permiten ofrecer nuestros servicios. ISBN

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