I ve been there i ve done that

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i ve been there i ve done that

Chicago Crime Commission (Author of The Gang Book)

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La Roux - Bulletproof (Gamper & Dadoni Remix)

An expression used to say that one has been in the situation or experienced that which another is talking about. It is usually a negative scenario that is being.
Chicago Crime Commission

Trevor Siemian: Itís been a while, but Iíve been there and done it a little bit

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To have experienced the topic under discussion, to the point of boredom or complacency. This phrase began life in the early s, in the short form 'been there', which had the same meaning as 'been there, done that'. Got it, been there. The most commonly used form 'been there, done that' is generally regarded as an American expression. This item from the New York newspaper the Syracuse Herald-American , February , which is the earliest version in print that I can find, puts that in some doubt. Using an Australian expression, she says, 'Been there, done that. Despite that citation which places the origin in Australia, the first known use of it there dates from

I've seen the devil, Stared him straight in the eyes. Danced in his fire on my darkest nights. Laid in his garden an' I drank his wine. Slept with temptation to laugh at salvation: It almost saved me alive. Oh, I've been there done that, had my thrill: Ain't goin' back again. I was the life of every party, It nearly did me in. I was the baddest man you've ever seen, Lord, I wrote the book on sin.

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'Been there, done that'?

I've been there I've done that I'll probably be back My heart pounds my chest hurts - It only gets worse I've been there I've done that I'll try not to go back Death calling - "just collapse" But I won't, no fuck that.,



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  1. Siemian signed with the Jets as a free agent this offseason and started 24 regular season games with the Broncos in and

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