Making a short film by yourself

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making a short film by yourself

How Not to Make a Short Film: Secrets from a Sundance Programmer by Roberta Marie Munroe

Anyone can make a short film, right? Just grab some friends and your handheld and you can do it in a weekend or two before being accepted to a slew of film festivals, right? Wrong. Roberta Munroe screened short film submissions at Sundance for five years, and is an award-winning short filmmaker in her own right. So she knows a thing or two about how not to make a short film. From the first draft of your script to casting, production, editing, and distribution, this is your one-stop primer for breaking into the business. Featuring interviews with many of todays most talented writers, producers, and directors, as well as revealing stories (e.g., what to do when the skinhead crack addict next door begins screaming obscenities as soon as you call action) from the sets of her own short films, Roberta walks you through the minefield of mistakes that an aspiring filmmaker can make--so that you dont have to make them yourself.
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Be Yourself (short film)

Here are some things to think about when shooting a film all by your lonesome. actually spend your time figuring out how to make films all by yourself. but shooting a short film about something simple is absolutely doable.
Roberta Marie Munroe

Making A Short Film: 5 Awesome Tactics For New Filmmakers

Can you make a short film all alone? It may seem to be a farfetched idea but it can be done. There are ways to do it and in this post, I am going to share some of the ideas, tips, and tricks on how to make a short film by yourself or DIY short filmmaking. How to make a short film by yourself? To make a short film all alone, needs a discreet vision, unique idea, foolproof plan, Knowledge of every aspect of filmmaking, access to a lot of equipment, tons of patience and never say die attitude. If you have it all in you then read on.

Making a short film is the rite of passage for many new filmmakers. If you have never made a short film, now is the time. Not only are there a gazillion film festivals that offer a short movie program, but with websites like YouTube, you have the ability to reach a global audience. This is better than the old days. Back then, making a short film meant that your work would get projected in theaters before the feature presentation. But that trend ended.

You have a camera, an idea, and everything you need to make your movie, but no actors or crew to help you film it. Whether you're bored and want to film something, want to jazz up a school project, or want to kick off your video career, there are a lot of great ideas you can film without another soul around to help. If you want to make a movie with one person, focus on simple, filmable concepts. Sure, you might not have a full cast and crew to make a big budget film, but many filmmakers have used that limitation as inspiration for some creative workarounds. For example, use artistic expression to make video diaries or abstract videos that experiment with color or sound. If you have the time and focus, grab clay or even action figures and create a stop-motion animation film. No matter what kind of movie you make, take advantage of being alone by taking as much time as you need to get the best shots.

How to make a Short Film All Alone:

Maybe you live in a small town, maybe you don't live in a film hub, or maybe you are just a little antisocial—whatever the case, you might find it difficult to find a crew to work on your projects with you. This is a problem plenty of filmmakers encounter at some point in their life, but instead of slinking home to spend another night binge-watching something on Netflix, you can actually spend your time figuring out how to make films all by yourself. In this video, Darious Britt of D4Darious explains his approach to one-man-band projects and shares a bunch of tips that will come in handy when you're making films without a crew. Check it out below:. Now, you may not be able to get away with shooting a complicated feature film stuffed with car chases and explosions without a crew, but shooting a short film about something simple is absolutely doable. Some advice on one-man-banding it from someone who spent five years doing exactly that: invest in plenty of mic stands, because without a crew to hold stuff for you, you're gonna need 'em.

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