Make today awesome so yesterday gets jealous

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make today awesome so yesterday gets jealous

Nie na usta by Maxim E. Matkin

Chceli by ste najst lasku na internete? Alebo sa cez esemesky dostat k niekomu do postele? Potrebujete napisat list s prosbou o odpustenie? Vymysliet ziadost o ruku? Oslnit originalnymi pripitkami ci duchaplnymi statusmi na Facebooku? Neviete ako? Je tu clovek, ktory to urobi za vas. Vacsinu casu travi v obnosenom zupane v dokonalo upratanom byte, ma kavu, whisky a dobre pripojenie na internet. Ma talent a depresie. Ma aj sex a peniaze, ale nie tolko, kolko by si zasluzil. Na lasku uz necaka a nenavistou nestraca cas. A nie vzdy otvara, ked mu zazvonite. Ak sa chcete dostat do jeho divneho sveta, otvorte novu knihu Maxima E. Matkina. Vraj ziadna predtym nebola tak velmi zo zivota.
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Published 18.12.2018

When You’re Friend Jealous

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Maxim E. Matkin

Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous

After the crazy emotional day that was yesterday , I decided that I would shake it off by making today ridiculously amazing and fun. Days like yesterday come up once in a blue moon for me, but when they do, they hit me like a Mack truck and leave me feeling like I'm face down on the asphalt with every emotion spilling out of me. And while days like that completely and utterly suck, I have also learned to be grateful for them. You're probably thinking to yourself, "WTF is this girl talking about? Why would she be grateful for days that suck the energy, emotions, and life out of her? I'd be thinking that, too.

We packed up and left the UK, on the trip of a lifetime 19 months ago. Even with Monty vomiting into Tesco carrier bags on the way to Heathrow, and Poppy begging us not to go through with it, I felt like Michael Palin, I felt free, I felt brave, I felt excited beyond belief and I felt pretty damn magnificent. We checked in our bags, and found the play area in terminal 3. Although this was a massive deal for us, and pretty gutsy in such a short space of time, we were by no means the first family to do this, nor will we be the last. So, the wait is over and we are fresh back from our latest trip to Lennox Head and Byron Bay. New South Wales is just breathtaking. The children were plugged into the DVD players, Paw Patrol was spinning madly, and we were cruising toward our first stop.

Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous….

Make today so awesome ?? Yesterday gets jealous

This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. Worry will always bring you down and rob you of happiness. Focus on today. Love others and do special things for the special people in your life. And my best advice of all…. Attract what you expect.

Today, one hopes that with age comes wisdom, maybe a gentler nature and understanding. A lot of people seem to be headed in the same direction, which to my thinking is a good thing! A facebook post by Jacqueline Jayne, really hit home. We are at that age where we see the wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds. We see the pretty year-olds and sigh.

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