5 key words to describe yourself

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5 key words to describe yourself

Cover 2 Cover - Lets Have Some Fun!: Describe Yourself In 1-3 Words! Showing 1-50 of 51

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Published 18.12.2018

How To Describe Yourself In 3 Words During A Job Interview

Either way, being asked to describe yourself in 5 words is a very common It is important to think of relevant explanations that also align with the job you are.

Suzy Welch: What to say when an interviewer says, 'Describe yourself in 3 words'

Often the best strategy here is to think of action verbs, then modify them into adjective form. Think about how you would sincerely describe yourselfboth personally and at the officethen put together a list and memorize it for ultimate interview success. Communication is one of the most highly valued skills by most employers, so this is a shrewd word to use. Plus, you can segue this into concrete examples of how you used your communication skills to problem solve. These words prove that you are in it to win itboth to advance yourself in your career and, in the meantime, to advance the company and its most important goals. Subtext: no one is going to need to hound or micromanage you to keep you motivated.

Mike Simpson 0 Comments. Everything seems to be going beautifully. But then, they ask you one last question.
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You want to present yourself as a seasoned, well-rounded candidate for a job, so describing yourself to an interviewer in just three words may be a challenge. No, they ask to evaluate if you're authentic and self-aware. Welch says employers are deeply interested in how you think and operate, and you should use one of your three words to accurately capture that. She recommends using words like "conceptual," "creative," "curious," "analytical" or "methodical" to describe your thought process. One of the biggest mistakes candidates can make in this situation is using business jargon.

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