Where my keys wheres my phone

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where my keys wheres my phone

Ive Found My Keys, Now Wheres My Car? by Florence Littauer

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Published 18.12.2018

Maarty Broekman woos Alesha with his Keytar - Week 6 Auditions - Britain's Got Talent 2013

Where Ma Keys Where Ma Phone (Where's My Keys Where's My Phone) [Dubstep Remix]

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Zipparah Mr Zip Tafari Where me keys where me phone - Britain's Got Talent 2012 - UK

Zipparah Tafari. Suzy Hill - singer. Fallowfield garm doctor. Paul Douglas - Musician. Have you ever been in this situation. Where you lost your keys and your mobile phone?

Those of you who watch 'Britain's Got Talent' may recognise the title of the catchy little ditty that we were all humming after the show for a few weeks and then completely forgot about. I was reminded of it earlier this week after I had been away in Spain for a few days and simply couldn't remember where I had hidden my keys. For some reason I always hide them in different places, which is crazy when you think about it because if anyone broke into the house and found them they would have no clue as to whether that was the first time they had been in that location! I looked where I thought I had left them, then I searched through a few drawers, inside shoes and boots, handbags but no sign of them! I didn't need the car on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday but by Thursday I was starting to panic a bit as I needed to drive in to work. I had a complete mental block I simply had no idea where I had hidden them. Then I walked into our bedroom and sitting demurely on the chair in the corner was my old teddy that I have had since I was a year old.

So when I saw this brilliant little device I thought, yep. Made for me. Voila, you always know where everything is. That is, provided you put everything there the second you walk in the door. I will have to work on that part. Find The Butler online from Micklish and find lots of other beautiful wooden items there too.

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  1. Apr 12, Britain's Got Talent rapper Mr Zip, famed for his catchy 'Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone' track, has been approached to be the face of a.

  2. 'Where Ma Keys Where Ma Phone (Where's My Keys Where's My Phone' by Zipparah Tafari (Mr Zip) - an overview of this songs performance.

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