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Who Owns the World: The Surprising Truth About Every Piece of Land on the Planet by Kevin M. Cahill

You dont have to be a student of geography or cartography to have an interest in the world around you, especially with globalization making our planet seem smaller than ever. Now you can IM someone in Alaska, purchase coffee beans from Timor-Leste, and visit Dubai. But what do we really know about these lands?
WHO OWNS THE WORLD presents the results of the first-ever landownership survey of all 197 states and 66 territories of the world, and reveals facts both startling and eye-opening. Youll learn that:
--Only 15% of the worlds population lays claim to landownership, and that landownership in too few hands is probably the single greatest cause of poverty.
--Queen Elizabeth II owns 1/6 of the entire land surface on earth (nearly 3 times the size of the U.S.).
--The Lichtenstein royal family is wealthier than the Grimaldis of Monaco.
--80% of the American population is crammed in urban areas.
--The least crowded state is Alaska, with 670 acres per person. The most crowded is New Jersey, with .7 acres per person. --60% of Americas population are property owners. Thats behind the UK (69% homeownership).
--And much, much more!
With its relevance to contemporary issues and culture, WHO OWNS THE WORLD makes for fascinating reading. Both entertaining and educational, it provides cocktail party conversation for years to come and is guaranteed to change the way you view the U.S. and the world.
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Truth or Fiction: Enterprises will cease to invest in their own data centres.

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Internet Entertainment. DIY Linux. Fact-checking sites are now more important than ever. Fact checking has its origin in the early 20th century when magazines began to verify statements made in non-fictional texts prior to publication. But the impact of fake news has soared in recent years. This means that ordinary people are increasingly skeptical of what they read online and hear from others.

Letters arranged to spell "facts. Yesterday afternoon a colleague forwarded me an article from the Daily Mail, asking me if it could possibly be true. The article in question is an expose on Snopes. I also noted that despite having been online for several hours, no other major mainstream news outlet had written about the story, which is typically a strong sign of a false or misleading story. Yet at the same time, the Daily Mail appeared to be sourcing its claims from a series of emails and other documents from a court case, some of which it reproduced in its article and, perhaps most strangely, neither Snopes nor its principles had issued any kind of statement through its website or social media channels disclaiming the story. On the surface this looked like a classic case of fake news — a scandalous and highly shareable story, incorporating official-looking materials and sourcing, yet with no other mainstream outlet even mentioning the story.

Fake news is nothing new. Perhaps that could dissipate the amount of malarkey online, though news consumers themselves are the best defense against the spread of misinformation. Not all of the misinformation being passed along online is complete fiction, though some of it is. Founder David Mikkelson warned in a Nov. In , we tried to get readers to rid their inboxes of this kind of garbage. Consider the source. Earlier this year, we debunked the claim that the Obamas were buying a vacation home in Dubai, a made-up missive that came from WhatDoesItMean.

But Sen. The video was actually from a Congressional Black Caucus event on Sept. A: Despite social media claims to the contrary, there is no evidence of such a donation.
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Fact-Checking Is Evolving

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Are we Republicans or Democrats? Conservatives or liberals? Administration supporters or a secretly-funded tool of the opposition? I used to read your site all the time. It soon became apparent that anything that was there political, you people would swing to the looney lieral view on everything.

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  1. battleforthebridge.com (also battleforthebridge.com) is a "mythbusting" website about urban legends, "Reported to be Truth" or "Reported to be Fiction." Partially true stories are rated "Truth & Fiction," "Truth But Inaccurate Details," or similar.

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