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kate beaton hark a vagrant

Hark! A Vagrant (Hark! A Vagrant, #1) by Kate Beaton

Hark! A Vagrant is an uproarious romp through history and literature seen through the sharp, contemporary lens of New Yorker cartoonist and comics-sensation Kate Beaton. No era or tome emerges unscathbed as Beaton rightly skewers the Western worlds revolutionaries, leaders, sycophants, and suffragists while equally honing her wit on the hapless heroes, heroines, and villains of the best-loved fiction. She deftly points out what really happened when Brahms fell asleep listening to Liszt, that the worlds first hipsters were obviously the Incroyables and the Merveilleuses from eighteenth-century France, that Susan B. Anthony is, of course, a Samantha, and that the polite banality of Canadian culture never gets old. Hark! A Vagrant features sexy Batman, the true stories behind classic Nancy Drew covers, and Queen Elizabeth doing the albatross. As the 5600.000 unique monthly visitors to harkavagrant.com already know, no one turns the ironic absurdities of history and literature into comedic fodder as hilarious as Beaton.
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Kate Beaton covers it all in "Step Aside, Pops"

Kate Beaton

Want proof that you don't need to draw muscled paragons like Jim Lee to make it as a comics artist? Check out Kate Beaton's smart-ass strips skewering Wolverine, Wonder Woman and whoever else she deems worthy. The smart, sharp Beaton casts a much wider cultural dragnet in her otherwise unassuming art, one which snatches up literary, historical and scientific icons without mercy. Even the notoriously warring brainiacs Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison aren't spared her satirical scalpel. Intrepid indie comics publisher Drawn and Quarterly compiled pages of Beaton's fearless snark in the hardcover Hark! A Vagrant , released Tuesday. As crude as they can be in their illustration and humor as some readers might complain after scanning her rip on the Kennedy clan in the gallery above Beaton's determined absurdities are, ironically enough, much-needed cerebral antidotes to the common-denominator comedy and drama now dominating mature comics and animation.

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How Many People Listen to the President's Calls Anyway?

I can't say it enough. A Vagrant, such as it is, is an archive website now. I didn't think it would be when I stepped away to work on other projects, but not to kill the light mood around here were very difficult years in a personal sense, and emerging on the other side, I feel like this is a project that has run its course. I am so very grateful for all that this comic and my readers have given me, they have given me a career, joy, and more than I ever dreamed. I'm still working on a graphic novel, and picture books for children.

A Vagrant was a webcomic by Canadian artist Kate Beaton. A Vagrant is best known for its humorous treatment of historical figures and events. Beaton began drawing history-themed comics for her student newspaper while studying History and Anthropology at Mount Allison University. The humour in Beaton's historical and literary strips often derives from anachronisms , such as historical characters expressing modern colloquialisms and sensibilities. Other recurring subjects in the comic include superheroes , Nancy Drew stories, and autobiographical topics. A Vagrant is drawn in black and white with pens, watercolours, brush pens, and a Wacom tablet in later comics. Most strips are short, about three to eight panels long.


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  1. Hark! A Vagrant, such as it is, is an archive website now. I didn't think it would be when I stepped away to work on other projects, but (not to kill the light mood.

  2. Kathryn Moira Beaton born 8 September is a Canadian comics artist and the creator of the comic strip Hark!

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