Yahya name meaning in urdu

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yahya name meaning in urdu

Piya Rang Kala / ??? ??? ???? by Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

“Piya Rang Kala” the novel by Mohammed Yahya Khan is the story of a Sheesh Nag (the king of cobras). It is said that this mythic name is so fascinating in its beauty and colours that one cannot see it constantly. It begins to grow black in its colour and its eyes become white as it grows. Then, it makes its path whitish where from it passes. When it grows young, it has the capability of hanging itself into the air. Any one who happens to watch it, is charmed. Sheesh Nag of a hundred years changes itself into a man. Then numberless stories are generated about it.
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Events of Prophet Yahya and Zakariya's life (urdu)

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We also learnt how Allah selected the name Yahya for him, which was a name previously unheard of in human history. At this time, prostrating to each other was allowed and denoted a sign of respect. It is also said that the name was given because Allah elevated him in the earth with his faith and piety, and to be guided as a messenger. Allah blessed him with plenty of unique qualities that none other possessed. Even as a child, Yahya AS did not fritter his time on silly things.

Yahya Islamic Name Meaning in Urdu ?????. Muslim Boy name ????? Meaning and description, Find origin, name history, language, lucky number, lucky color.
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Because Yahya commonly identified as John the Baptist is a prophet in Islam , Yahya is a very common name in the Muslim world. In Persian , Yahya is a title of address for a senior village or community elder; it is also a common nickname for the 12th Imam. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For people with the given name or surname Yahia, see Yahia. Surname list.

But there are several things going on under the hood phonologically that should be addressed. It is sometimes shortened to abuelita, which literally means "little grandmother" and is often used as a term of affection. But you should be aware of some basic and very important requirements when choosing the right name for your Yorkshire terrier. Yaya-Zakurai This cherry-tree goddess was a beautiful young woman each spring. My favorite thus far is Lila, but does it sound too similar to Maya? My husband likes Kira but it just doesnt excite me much.

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