Stories to teach character traits

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stories to teach character traits

Popular Character Traits Mentor Texts Books

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Teaching Character Traits in Reader's Workshop

Character traits are one of my favorite reading skills. I love digging in deep and analyzing characters. I also truly believe that learning about different characters, their traits, and what makes them exhibit those traits help students gain perspective and empathy. Here are some of my best tips and strategies for teaching character traits in a way that both resonates with students and really gets them thinking about characters in deeper ways. When first introducing character traits or reviewing them with 4th and 5th graders , I like to have a chart with different traits listed, categorized by negative and positive traits. This both introduces the students to what character traits are, and also builds their vocabulary by introducing them to new words. When we start the chart, I have a few traits already listed and then we add to it as we read about more characters.

Tips to help you teach character traits in reading in your classroom. Teaching Reading fairy tales are a great way to teach character traits.
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Teaching character traits to upper elementary students can be a complex task. Students must analyze how characters change over time, compare different characters and their traits, use evidence from the text to identify certain character traits, build their character trait vocabulary, and more. The resources below offer a variety of different activities to help you when teaching character traits to upper elementary students. Use them to differentiate your character trait instruction, plan engaging lessons, and save time. Ideas for introducing character traits to your 3rd or 4th grade students. Includes a free character traits mobile.

We come back to character traits all though out the school year. Characters traits help our students understand the character. Although what I really love about teaching character traits is it is a way for us to show students what good character is! Through the lens of looking at darling book characters, they can learn about themselves. I do go back to teaching character traits through out the year, but below are the list of 4 of my favorite books to use when teaching character traits.

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