Special theory of relativity documentary

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special theory of relativity documentary

Einsteins Universe by Nigel Calder

This has, in effect, redefined the way I look at the world. Calder goes through both the special and general theories or relativity, strips out all the math, and explains everything in plain English with clear analogies. I think this was published somewhere around 1979, so much has transpired in the world of experimental physics since this was written. That, and it has only a glancing description of quantum mechanics at the end. However, this is an excellent springboard for anyone interested in revising their view of the universe.
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Published 19.12.2018

The True Nature Of Time - New Documentary

If there is a pantheon for great minds, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein would undoubtedly qualify for membership.
Nigel Calder

Einstein's Extraordinary Universe

One hundred years have passed since Albert Einstein first unleashed his highly influential Theory of General Relativity unto the world. These revelations charted a future course of scientific pursuit, and never cease to inform our understanding of the universe today. In celebration of that impressive legacy, the documentary short Einstein's Extraordinary Universe travels to three research facilities in different regions across the globe, and shows us how Einstein's work continues to challenge, shape and inspire the scientific discoveries of tomorrow. The film opens in Tuscany. Under the shadows of Galileo's groundbreaking work on gravity research, a group of astrophysicists are exploring Einstein's theories related to the occurrence of gravitational waves through space and time. Can modern technologies and advanced scientific intellect result in actual proof of such waves?

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The story of the most elegant and powerful theory in science, Albert Einstein's general relativity. It takes us inside the head of Einstein to witness how his idea evolved. The story of the most elegant and powerful theory in science - Albert Einstein's general relativity. When Einstein presented his formidable theory in November , it turned our understanding of gravity, space and time completely on its head. Over the last years, general relativity has enabled us to trace the origins of the universe to the Big Bang and to appreciate the enormous power of black holes. To mark the th anniversary of general relativity, this film takes us inside the head of Einstein to witness how his idea evolved, giving new insights into the birth of a masterpiece that has become a cornerstone of modern science.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity has revolutionised our understanding of gravity, space and time. Initially acclaimed, then forgotten, and now rediscovered, the adventure of this hundred-year-old theory has marked the scientific history of the 20th century.

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