P bahadur physical chemistry review

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p bahadur physical chemistry review

Concepts of Physical Chemistry for JEE by P. Bahadur

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Published 20.12.2018

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Hi AMAN, I purchased op tendon when i was in class 10th but now with the wise advice of my teachers i have stopped using the book apart from solving problems. Our trained chemists work on custom projects designed specifically for the needs of each client. Pyrrolidinium ionic liquids. OP tondon is a good book for physical chemistry. It covers a variety of problems. However it contains a number of repeated problems so make sure you are not solving same problem times with just changed numerical data. NCERT is ofcourse a must book to be followed.

Meritnation May 22nd, pm. One of the most significant requirements for effective JEE preparation is finding the best textbooks and notes, right? With the extensive JEE syllabus and the limited time available for preparation, choosing the right books for the right subjects becomes crucial. Add to that the vast sources of information available over the internet, it comes extremely confusing to figure out what all and how many books to study from. Some of our experienced faculty, who are also IIT alumni, have listed here the most important reference books for JEE, which are essential for an effective JEE preparation. When it comes to preparing Math for an entrance exam, all you can think of continual practice.

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Physical Chemistry book by P Bahadur comprises of more than three thousand numeric problems and covers each topic that is taught in various coaching institutes. All concepts are discussed in a simple and lucid manner, with extensive explanations and examples. Even if you are theoretically prepared and basics are well sound, Then this is the best book for objective Numerical preparations. P Bahadur numerical Chemistry is a good guide for helping students for solving numerical problems of chemistry, practice numerical concepts of Physical Chemistry and revising them again one or two months before IIT JEE exam or another competitive entrance exam. It is of no use to read grammatical books even when you don't know about alphabets. In the same way, you need to know some basic concepts of chemistry before starting up with P Bahadur Chemical Calculations.

OP Tandon is used for the theory part and also you can solve the problems from it. It starts from the basic level and has a variety of different modules in them. But before starting off with OP Tandon directly just read that particular topic from the ncert book. It would help you to strengthen your concepts. OP Tandon and P. Bahadur have good theory with solved examples and questions for you to solve. But sometimes, Op Tandon has theory which is sometimes out of syllabus also.

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