A mother in a refugee camp by chinua achebe

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a mother in a refugee camp by chinua achebe

Collected Poems by Chinua Achebe

I found a copy of Achebe’s collected poems at the library quite by chance. It’s a thin book with less than 90 pages. The book was split into five sections: Prologue, Poems About War, Poems Not About War , Gods, Men and Others, and Epilogue. I enjoyed these simple poems that dealt with various topics, including war,love, African life and mythology.

In 1966, Achebe says:


our thoughtful days

sat at dire controls

and played indolently.”

The section entitled Poems About War discussed the Biafran War. “Christmas in Biafra” was especially poignant:

“This sunken-eyed moment wobbling

Down the rocky steepness on broken

Bones slowly fearfully to hideous

Concourse of gathering sorrows in the valley

Will yet become in another year a lost

Christmas irretrievable in the heights.”

I also liked Pine Tree in Spring, which was dedicated to Leon Damas:

“Pine tree

flag bearer

of green memory

across the breach of a desolate hour

Loyal tree

that stood guard

alone in austere emeraldry

over Nature’s recumbent standard

Pine tree

lost now in the shade

of traitors decked out flamboyantly

marching back unabashed to the colors they betrayed

Fine tree

erect and trustworthy

what school can teach me

your silent, stubborn fidelity?”

All in all, a nice poetry collection that made me wish Achebe had written more.
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Mother in a Refugee Camp

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Chinua Achebe

A Mother In A Refugee Camp by Chinua Achebe -analysis of poem

Our notes cover Refugee Mother and Child summary and analysis. The air was heavy with odours. The poem is about a displaced person mother and her child who endure in the arms of neediness. In the long run, her child perishes and as a mother she feels despondency, upset and vulnerable. In common war broke out in Nigeria when the Catholic ruled region of Biafra endeavored autonomy from the Moslem overwhelmed focal state. Amid those pivotal years, Achebe filled in as a minister for the Biafran government. The war went severely for the Biafrans who endured hugely, and starvation was overflowing.

I read his other books later, as well as some of his essays. True words, but he was more than that.
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Analysis: Mother in a Refugee Camp (Chinua Achebe)

Refugee's mother and children are poems that seem to be responses to readers. The bad image of a mother holding a son's body is not only to get empathy from readers but also to help readers look back on their fortunate lives. In fact, Tinuua Cave is the leading author of the cause of Africa, especially due to the corruption of the world. The first section seems to be written as an introduction to the next section. The poet began to imagine the reader "I will quickly forget the picture of my mother's son. Chinua Achebe, a true high-level work of refugee's mother and children, is a beautiful poem.

Chinua Achebe was very well-known for his work on post-colonialism; his upbringing in southeastern Nigeria made his childhood a firsthand experience into the world of colonialism, and has fuelled such works as Things Fall Apart, the most well-known work of African literature today. Refugee Mother and Child is written in a very free-form kind of style. And yet, it flows extremely well as a poem. The language itself is what is poetic. Use of the Madonna and Child imagery — referencing the popular imagery of the Virgin Mary holding her Son in her arms — immediately contrasts a beautiful image with a horrible one. To say that the beautiful image cannot touch the terrible one can be telling of a number of things. The continuation of the aforementioned line fills in the setting of them poem incredibly well.

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  1. No Madonna and Child could touch / Her tenderness for a son / She soon would have to forget / The air was heavy with odors of diarrhea, / Of unwashed.

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