All about me scrapbook topics

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all about me scrapbook topics

We Dare You: Scrapbook Challenges about Real Life by Kristi Prokopiak

Feel like a challenge - a scrapbooking challenge? Then open the pages of this book and get inspired to create some of the most personal, funny and random layouts youve ever made.

Since 2005, the authors have posted scrapbook challenges - scrapbook Dares - on their website... challenges designed to really get you to think about your life, your art, yourself. In this book, the authors showcase some of the best challenges from their site along with over 25 new challenges to get your creative juices flowing. And the layouts inspired by the Dares, created by the authors and their amazing contributing artists, are the perfect jumpstart to get you thinking about your scrapbooking in a whole new way.
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50 Simple Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Your kitchen table is absolutely covered no room for even a coffee cup with photos, ticket stubs, stickers, papers and other lovely bits and pieces that you'd like to arrange in a scrapbook. Excellent idea. But where do you even begin? The number of scrapbooking options is exciting — but also intimidating. Scrapbooking is all about telling a story. Think about the experiences in your life that mean the most to you. Once you have the topic figured out, everything else becomes much easier.

See them as scrapbooking challenges to give your creativity juice a pump. Attempt all the ideas or pick the ones that speak to you. Too many scrapbookers hide behind the cameras taking countless photos of their loved ones, and neglect to have themselves in the photos and even forget about scrapbooking topics close to their hearts. Remember one of the core tenets of scrapbooking is to document your personal life stories. Your voice. Your kids, your grandchildren and your future generations would love to know more about you.


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Do you ever feel like you scrapbook just about others and never about yourself? It can be a challenge just to get yourself in front of the camera, so scrapbooking about yourself is probably at the bottom of your list. Creating an All About Me album has been on my to-do list for a very long time. I spend most of my time scrapbooking about my family, my daughter, my dog, and everyone else… except me! I never set aside the time to scrapbook about myself. Click here!

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  1. Do you have an 'All About Me' album? How many pictures do you have of yourself? Will your children and grandchildren know your favorite color, your daily.

  2. Making scrapbook pages about yourself is an awesome thing to give to friends, family AND yourself.

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