Happy things to think about when your scared

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happy things to think about when your scared

Scared Quotes (316 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

This Video Will Make You Happy

Fear is one of the most common obstacles keeping us from the life we deserve.

The Only Two Things You Need To Be Scared Of!

Now let me explain. We all have fear. If we didn't feel fear, we wouldn't be alive. But there's a big difference between having fear and being driven by your fears. Most people are driven by their fears, leading them to make or avoid making particular decisions that pull them down a dark, sticky dead-end road. Most of my life, I rode shotgun while my fear sat behind the wheel, steering me through life.

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Fear is your brain's pre-programmed response to something scary. Small amounts of fear are positive for your health, but when it takes over it can interfere with your peace and happiness. Whether you're afraid because of a movie, a natural disaster, or even spiders, there are ways of coping. To stop thinking about scary things, try distracting yourself with something fun or lighthearted. For example, you can watch a funny movie or TV show to help keep your mind off of scary thoughts. Another way to distract yourself is to do something relaxing, like painting your nails, hanging out with friends, or taking a long bubble bath.

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