Dad jokes about dad jokes

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dad jokes about dad jokes

The Worlds Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes: More Than 500 of the Punniest Jokes Dads Love to Tell by Barbour Publishing

Here is a brand-new collection of more than 500 of the very best dad jokes. Jokes are organized in topics—Silly Kids, Action/Reaction, All Puns All the Time, Love & Marriage, One-Liners, Faith—so dads (and fans of dad jokes) can find the perfect rib-tickler (groaner) for every occasion. Also included are a dozen Bible verses to provide a bit of faith-based wisdom along with these clean, albeit definitely Dad, jokes.
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Dad jokes are cringe-worthy, yet there's nothing funnier than an old, overused pun, delivered by a middle-aged aged, balding father. That's why we've gathered .
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Laugh tracks boost humor ratings of corny ‘dad jokes’

Case in point: What do you call a bear with no socks on? However, a new study has found that these inoffensive one liners seem to become funnier with the addition of one simple ingredient: a laugh track. To find out whether the presence of laughter could change how funny a joke appears to be, researchers asked a group of 20 college students to listen to recordings of a male comedian tell intentionally cheesy jokes. Participants rated the jokes on a scale of one to seven, ranging from not funny at all to extremely funny. Then, researchers had 48 neurotypical and 24 autistic subjects rank the same jokes, this time paired with a prerecorded laugh track.

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What makes a dad? Endless reserves of love and support, for one. But perhaps more importantly, a real dad knows his way around a truly terrible joke. You don't even necessarily need to have kids of your own to be a maestro of the dad joke. When it comes to cringingly bad comedy, 'dad' is simply a state of mind.

From one-liners to corny comedy, this hilarious selection of the best dad jokes will have every father chuckling. They're so bad, they're good.
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Dad jokes shouldn’t be something you’re embarrassed about. Own them.

You owe your precious pops for passing everything he knows on to you—including take it or leave it his cheesy witticism. We have to admit—you truly need a special kind of humor to appreciate the unsurpassable league of comedy known as dad jokes. And whether all fathers are naturally gifted with a notorious inclination for corny banter or it just comes with the parenting territory, dear old dad somehow has the semi-admirable ability to whip up these wisecracks at a moment's notice much to mom's chagrin, we're sure. As much as you love to hate them or vice versa , you really can't help but laugh at your dad's ridiculous attempts to make you smile—because you know each parody is laced with love , and no one on the planet can deliver them quite like him. So, since there's truly no bad time for a good one-liner or sarcastically dry remark—be it Father's Day or Sunday night family dinner —we rounded up the best dad jokes that verge on the "so bad, they're good" territory.

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