How to stop worrying about what ifs

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how to stop worrying about what ifs

Worrying Over Nothing Quotes (38 quotes)

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Published 10.12.2018

HOW I GOT RID OF (Obsessive Anxious Thinking & Painful Rumination)

The day that I decided to quit my last job and the day that I handed in my notice were almost 90 days apart. In those three months, I worried -- a lot.

5 Ways to Stop a Worry-Filled What-If Cycle

What if they get mad at me? Does any of that sound familiar? If so, then you know just how debilitating anxiety and what if thinking can be. Watch below! With each what if question, your brain goes down the rabbit hole of scenarios and possibilities.

A poisoned arrow hit a man. He was looking for answers first. What kind of bow did he use? Was the arrowhead an ordinary one or an iron one? Life is short. It must not be spent in endless speculation. Worrying about possible what ifs not only keeps your mind busy, it makes you focus on the wrong problem, as happened to the man who was shot.

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By the time I was pregnant the second time, I had left my struggles with anxiety largely behind me. But worry is as much as part of me as breathing, and having lost a pregnancy the year prior, I spent the first eight to ten weeks of the second one constantly preoccupied with the what-ifs that tend to haunt anxiety sufferers, even reformed ones like me. One day in week forty, after many hours of irregular contractions, something told me I needed to check myself into the hospital. It was calmer, and felt more peaceful. So I listened. I was in the middle of a hypertensive crisis caused by undiagnosed pre-eclampsia—a dangerous condition that affects a small percentage of pregnant women worldwide.

Let's get one thing straight - worrying is not the same as anxiety , OCD or other mental health nuances such as panic disorder and depression. But being a worrier can have it's own very challenging, and sometimes very damaging, effects. Here are some simple steps to help lessen your worry load:. The stupid thing is you're worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet and likely never will. Dr Robert L.

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  1. What-if thoughts aren't necessarily problematic. They become problematic when they're chronic, and we experience a lack of control, said L. Kevin Chapman.

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