Interesting facts about grover cleveland

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interesting facts about grover cleveland

Grover Cleveland, Again!: A Treasury of American Presidents by Ken Burns

A gorgeous collection of American presidents filled with fun facts and sparkling with personality, from nonfiction master Ken Burns.

This special treasury from Americas beloved documentarian Ken Burns brings the presidents to life for our nations children. Each president is given a lushly illustrated spread with curated stories and information to give readers of all ages a comprehensive view of the varied and fascinating characters who have led our nation (with the exception of Grover Cleveland--the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms--who gets two spreads!). A must-have for Kens many fans, classrooms, and anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for our country.
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Grover Cleveland ***

Cleveland distinguished himself as one of the few truly honest and principled politicians of the Gilded Age. For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. After clerking in a law firm in Buffalo , New York, he was admitted to the bar in and soon entered politics as a member of the Democratic Party.
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Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland stands alone in American history as the only President to serve non-consecutive terms. On March 18, , the future President was born in Caldwell, N. Cleveland passed away in Princeton, N. He had been out of politics after an unsuccessful run at the Democratic presidential nomination in Officially, Cleveland is known as the 22 nd President and the 24 th President, after his wins in the and general elections. But he lost the to his Republican foe, Benjamin Harrison. He was born in New Jersey and later moved to New York state.

What were the key events during his presidencies? Our fun facts and trivia begin with the following info:. Grover Cleveland Facts for Kids The following fact sheet provides a fast overview and fun facts about the Grover Cleveland Presidency with interesting and important information about some important events and accomplishments of his presidency. Grover Cleveland Facts provide a fast overview of this famous American President. Grover Cleveland Fact 2: Accomplishments and Achievements: He supported the gold standard and was famous for breaking the Pullman strike of Grover Cleveland Fact 3: He was the only president to be elected to two non consecutive terms in office. Frances Cleveland was the youngest First Lady and also the first to marry and give birth in the White House.

Grover Cleveland was a successful lawyer who rose in politics through his reputation of fighting corruption while serving as Mayor of Buffalo and Governor of New York in early s. He won the US Presidential Election; lost the next one; and then won again in Grover Cleveland thus served as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States ; and he remains the only US president to serve two non-consecutive terms. To date, he is also one of only seven US presidents who never attended college and the only one to be married in the White House. In his early life, Cleveland had to drop out of school due to financial stress on his family; and during the Civil War, he controversially hired a substitute to serve for him. He was also involved in an infamous sex scandal in which it was alleged that he fathered an illegitimate child with a woman named Maria Halpin. Know more about the family, life, education, career, sex scandal and death of Grover Cleveland through these 10 interesting facts.

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The first of our Grover Cleveland facts is that his birth name was not actually Grover. He was originally named Stephen Grover in honor of the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Caldwell, where his own father also served as pastor. Grover Cleveland facts reveal that the future President was quite big, even as a child, and was often teased about this. Weighing pounds, Cleveland was the first US President who was very overweight, though he is not the only overweight President in history, nor was he the biggest. The most overweight, so far, was President William Howard Taft Cleveland did not gain that weight during his presidency, however. He was always overweight, which was why friends and family called him Big Steve.

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