Famous poems about peer pressure

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famous poems about peer pressure

Peer Pressure Quotes (110 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

Joinel Jeune - Negative Peer Pressure

Everyone goes through it whether you believe it or not. Some get persuaded to smoke, have sex, skip school, or numerous other things. Saying No gives you the power to show people you have control over what you want to do and not to do.

Peer Pressure - Poem by Patricia Grantham

Add to Read List. I wrote this in the midst of being pressure by teachers, classmates and myself. To be perfect, to be excellent. Poetry peer teenagers peers peer-pressure teenage-pressure. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site. Embracing the Reaper. And Now Abideth.

Like 2. Under the Influence Under the Influence That tightening feeling, with a pressure repeating - Over and over and over Because I've felt that way - I've felt that the word "no" has been more than difficult to say - I've felt the pressure beyond irrefutable measure - And I've felt that I've caused a general feeling of displeasure - By always being the first to go and the first to say "no". So many will struggle like we will - Claiming the next drink will be the last - but succumbing to evil - "Friends" say "it's OK" but who are these people? What's a cigarette if it's laced in regret? And why do we worry if we cause disrespect?

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I wish kids could learn this valuable lesson before talking about it in hindsight! Rose J. Prioleau Report Reply. Report Reply. Keep your mind on the prize ahead and never let it leave your sight This advice is equally applicable to young students under peer pressure and grown ups!


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