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about mary pope osborne life

Mary Pope Osborne Quotes (Author of Dinosaurs Before Dark)

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Meet Mary Pope Osborne

Mary Pope Osborne

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She has traveled extensively in the U. Mary has donated over , books to underserved children across the country through her Gift of Books program. She resides in Connecticut. Mary is active on Twitter and loves to connect with readers, former readers, teachers, and parents. I grew up in the military. Moving was never traumatic for me, partly, I think, because I had very close and loving relationships with my parents, my twin brother, my younger brother, and my older sister. When my dad retired to a small city in North Carolina, I still craved the adventure and changing scenery of our military life.

With her use of vivid imagination in the stories she has captured the hearts of millions of little ones and old ones around the globe. Osborn has kept children entertained for over two decades with her evergreen Magic Tree House series. They finally settled in North Carolina after their relocation from Florida and Austria. Osborn never felt tired of going places and resettling time and again. She opted for drama at the University of North Carolina but later switched her majors to comparative religion as she developed interest in different cultures, mythology and religion. As Osborn graduated from the college, in s she set out on a journey around the world. She joined a group of European people heading toward the Eastern countries.

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Osborne, Mary Pope May 20, - Author www. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich. Photograph provided by Random House. Directing her books to an audience that ranges from preschool through high school, she has written picture books, realistic fiction, historical fiction, young-adult novels, nonfiction, and retellings, and has edited collections of stories, poetry, and songs. Osborne is also the creator of several series and related volumes. She is perhaps best known for writing the "Magic Tree House" books, a best-selling, multi-volume collection of time-travel fantasies for primary graders.

Mary pope osborne. She grew up in a military family where they moved around a lot. When Mary Pope Osborne was only five years old her family moved to Virginia. Growing up she was very close with her parents, twin brother, younger brother, and her older sister. She has lived all over the world. She spent her childhood in a state of "make believe" and completely loved living in her imagination. She went to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied drama until she discovered a love for mythology, religion, culture, and beliefs from around the world.

Mary Pope Osborne born May 20, is an American author of children's books. She is best known as the author of the Magic Tree House series , which as of [update] sold more than million copies worldwide. Both the series and Osborne have won awards, sometimes for Osborne's charitable efforts at promoting children's literacy. One of four children, Osborne moved around in her childhood before attending the University of North Carolina. Following college, Osborne traveled before moving to New York City. She somewhat spontaneously began to write, with her first book being published in She would go on to write a variety of other kinds of children's and young adult books before starting the Magic Tree House series in

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