Quotes about keeping score in relationships

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quotes about keeping score in relationships

Keeping Score Quotes (3 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

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Keeping Score in Relationships: One Wins and the Other Loses

A relationship is no science. However, certain things are bound to put your relationship on a downward track, and keeping score definitely makes it into the list. Keeping score in a relationship can mess up things in more ways than you think; not only putting your relationship at stake but also disturbing your mental peace. When you start keeping a scorecard for your significant other, things start getting ugly; eventually scarring the beautiful existence of the relationship. A relationship is not a competition between the two partners.

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Keeping score is totally self-centered. Because you want something in return. Things tend to balance out regardless. Everyone makes mistakes. Keeping score is focusing on the negative stuff, which is probably a lot less than the positive stuff, anyway. Otherwise, why would you be in the relationship to begin with?

Instead of keeping score, give in your own way because you want to. We don't mean to, but we do it all the time: That unconscious tally—what you did, what I did. What I did that you didn't do. What I wish you would do, but know you won't, and resent you for— especially when I continue to do it anyway. Logically, I've always been aware that keeping score is the best way to destroy a relationship. And, despite all this, I've gone on to let it unravel many relationships, of all forms. Romantic, friendships, sometimes even familial.

Then certain things started to bother me. People would constantly be eating my snacks, and I would constantly be cleaning up after them when they left. Day after day, I would provide my friends with food. They would make a mess eating it while sitting on my bed. And after a few months of this, I became resentful toward my friends. Every time I gave my friends food, I would mentally record it, and expect to get something of equal value in return. In my mind, I was giving way more than I was getting.

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