Marriage quotes about hard times

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marriage quotes about hard times

Marriage Quotes (5443 quotes)

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Published 12.12.2018

Joyce Meyer - Marriage Sermon 2017

Hard Times

Bounderby ask me to marry him? Yes, he does. The sole remaining question then is: Shall I marry him? I think nothing can be plainer than that? Gradgrind reduces even the most complex and significant of life's decisions to simple yes-or-no questions. This is how economics works, Dickens implies, without ever considering consequences. Harthouse, that you really suppose my sister Loo does care for old Bounderby.

Marriage quotes about happiness and positivity

Marriage is not what it used to be. I believe some of it is due to couples believing that they cannot fix their marriage, heal from conflicts and overcome the challenges they go through as part of life. Couples that are still together do not have fewer difficulties. They sort them out before they get out of control. In my relationship coaching program, I hear many couples use statements that make fun of commitment, mock stability and relationships and encourage giving up the marriage as an easy, accepted and preferable thing.

At the bottom of the post I have linked other articles loaded with Scripture to strengthen your marriage. I know. A wife cannot create a happily-ever-after all by herself; her husband has to be an active participant. However, in times of difficulty, God uses the one heart that will listen, forgive and go the extra mile to shift a relationship. The willing spouse becomes the little cog that can turn the bigger wheel. It can be the husband or the wife and since you are reading this post, it can be you. If your marriage is at a good place place, I hope the quotes inspire you to greater intentionality!

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