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all about to change patrick james

Books by Patrick James (Author of A Frail New World)

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Published 12.12.2018

Patrick James - All About to Change

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Patrick James

All About To Change

A relatively new name in the music game, Patrick James not long ago was busking on the streets of Sydney. With the release of his second EP and national solo tour, he is starting to make waves. Following his sold out solo tour last year and the release of his first EP All About to Change , this new release delivers beautifully crafted instrumentals, stunning guitar riffs and banjo solos, and his husky vocals and heart-melting harmonies are enough to make you swoon. The six-track EP features the previously released singles Message and Wait. Message, which blends poignant love-song lyrics with a somewhat upbeat drum backing, will have you hooked from the very first hearing. The rest of the EP stacks up too.

As the American philosopher John Dewey argues in Art as Experience , poems should be thought of not as replicating experiences, but rather as experiences in their own right. I quote at length to demonstrate accumulative effect:. The movement, in the case above, from abstract meditation on death and metaphor to a very particular house and its desperate situation is done with meticulous care; each line sets up an expectation before the next modifies or subverts it outright, making expert use of the split-second it takes to move the eyes down. The effect is uncanny, like entering a darkened house around whose every corner some fearful discovery might lurk. Yet even the darkest poems in The New Testament never feel belaboured or heavy, although their subjects are often weighty, addressing the difficult issues of race, sexuality, violence, and religion.

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Image Courtesy of Patrick James. The long-awaited EP from Patrick James , All About To Change , was finally released a couple of weeks ago and the reaction so far from the Timber and Steel bullpen has been ecstatic to say the least. We asked Patrick James to take us through each of the tracks and he helpfully sent over some lyric videos as well. I wrote this about the idea that everyone at some stage is lost or struggling with something in their lives but find a way to turn that around and move on. People can make what they want of the lyrics though. It was a very fun song to record with the country drums and many underlining instruments throughout. We even had some sneaky blues guitar solos going on!

This was exactly how I felt when I first heard Patrick James. Busking was an important starting point for his career not only to showcase his music and gain fans but also to raise funds for touring and recording. Additionally Pat has played a string of his own shows, most recently selling out two Vanguard Theatres in Sydney. It showcases his higher range and piano skills, and the harmonies create a very gentle yet emotive piece of music. It is one of those songs that has the potential to cheer up even the grumpiest person, perhaps even making them sing along or at least have a little dance. Especially when that bass line kicks in from Curtis Smith its just… oooo… yeah… it gives you that feeling. And once again, the lyrics just kill me… they are so painstakingly beautiful.

Despite the changes James has made to his sound, there are still a few reliable constants: quality vocals and strong songwriting. Although the surrounding instrumentation has changed, James is still able to convey so much through his vocal performance alone. There is a lot to enjoy here and the transition to a new and more developed sound is a successful one. I wrote this song in the middle of At the time, I had moved out of Sydney and my life had changed a lot. The song came really quickly but it took a bunch of versions before landing on this.

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  1. His research is based on understanding energy use in the built environment whether this is at home, at work or at a broader urban scale.

  2. Sometimes in life you have a rare moment when you hear a new singer for the first time and it feels like you've known them a lifetime a voice.

  3. Patrick James has spent many an hour standing on a corner playing music to a passing crowd.

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