Stories about choices and consequences

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stories about choices and consequences

Choices And Consequences Quotes (266 quotes)

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Published 12.12.2018

Choices have Consequences with Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi

These stories feature a character with an important decision to make, or characters who have already made important decisions. Often we're shown their options.

Choices and Consequences

Some interesting new bits trickled into Destiny 2 as the new season of paid Annual Pass content really starts rolling, including a quest where we get to pick sides — a tiny hint of a possible future with branching stories. Oh, also, spacemen can now find another cursed weapon, returning Destiny 1 revolver Thorn. These sentiments have bubbled in the background for months, and now the game has asked us to take a stance on the Drifter. It may be the start of something new. And he does, calling us a snitch in some Gambit announcer lines if we snitch on him. Other than death, eternal suffering, or a betrayal of everything and everyone we stand for. My lunk of a Titan will always stick with the Vanguard, and therefore back the Order, while my Hunter is always up for huffing Motes with Drifter in his basement.

Michael L. N o matter who we are, all of us have made choices in our lives that have had consequences: some good, some not so good. Likewise, if we are honest and given the opportunity, we would have made different choices somewhere in our life. Most often, it is the consequences that lead us to think this way, but one thing is certain, we can learn from our choices by the consequences we experience. The following are five examples of choices and consequences that we can learn from. The first thing to consider is that God has given us the Bible as a manual for everything we experience in life so that as we get older we gain wisdom that results in our salvation 2 Timothy

Every day you have choices to make, and each choice has a consequence or result. If you choose to not sleep, as a consequence you will be tired. If you choose to not eat, as a consequence you will be hungry. Making a choice is like picking up a stick. When you pick up one end of a stick, the other end always comes with it. When you make a choice, a consequence always comes with it.

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Our days are filled with choices. Wherever you wanna go. What do you wanna do? Whatever you wanna do. I recently went for a pedicure with a good friend. Mostly, it felt like I was part of a production line.

Our decisions affect others. Sometimes we like to think that we live in a bubble and our choices only have consequences for our own lives. She was lover and wife to one, mother to the other. Her adultery with David almost brought an end to the family through which God planned to physically enter his world. Out of the ashes of that sin, however, God brought good. Eventually Jesus Christ, the salvation of humankind, was born to a descendant of David and Bathsheba. Bathsheba may have been rash in bathing where she might be seen; David should have been at war with his army.

As the sun went to hide behind the mountains, birds sang their songs on their way to their nests to hide. My heart broke into pieces. To ignore them I listened to regae music but the lyrics brought back what I was trying to forget. When darkness takes over the day it would also take over my heart. V all night. The reason was that my mind would be in another country yet my body was right next to her, so she filed a divorce.

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