Short memoirs about mental illness

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short memoirs about mental illness

Memoirs of Mental Illness (39 books)

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Published 07.12.2018

"One Step Closer" (Mental Illness Short-Film)

Historically speaking, society has always had a difficult time equating mental illnesses with the same sincerity physical illnesses foster. Stigmatizing mental health only harms our society more; insinuating that there is something to be ashamed or embarrassed of only prevents people from seeking the help they need. If you or someone you know is struggling, here are hotlines that solely exist to support you.
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Mental Illness: Biographies & Memoirs

These books can be rich educational tools and therapeutic resources. Some of the books listed below are written in the voice of a young child with mental illness, some are fictional stories with helpful themes, and some are firsthand accounts written by patients or families about their personal experience with mental illness. The material in some books may not be appropriate for every reader. The clinician or parent should review the material first and use good judgment before recommending books to specific patients or children. Trish Wood.

Like millions of other women , I struggle with mental illness. To cope when I go through a rough patch, I often read memoirs written by other women about their mental health journeys. These books prevent me from giving up. Not to mention, these women are great writers. Just in case others need a similar boost dealing with mental illness, below are nine of my favorite mental health memoirs written by women. Jamison, a well-respected practitioner and professor of psychology, knows firsthand what it means to live with bipolar disorder. Lucky by Alice Sebold.

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I began studying writing by reading about the craft, taking writing classes, joining writing groups and sitting my butt in my chair every day to write, and edit, and edit some more. But the best lessons came from spellbinding memoirists, master storytellers skillful in painting literary pictures. Their prose transported me into their worlds of mental illness and addiction. As they peeled back their layers to reveal universal truths, their narratives helped me understand my own story. The following list of fourteen insightful memoirs inspired and guided me, opening my mind and my heart to sympathize with the intensity of being on the inside of mental illness and addiction, helping me to find compassion. The writing was a gift, allowing me a deeper understanding of despair from insanity and addiction. I was also left with a feeling of hope; we are not alone, and we are only as sick as our secrets.

Eighteen percent of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder , up to one in seven women who give birth in the U. Yet there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health. Below are some of the many memoirs written by authors who have struggled with anxiety and depression. Not only are they helpful for those who are dealing with these issues, they are also great resources for anyone looking to better understand what anxiety and depression can be like. Petersen, a health, psychology, and neuroscience journalist, uses her own history and diagnosis of anxiety as a jumping-off point to explain anxiety, test various treatments, and delve into groundbreaking research.

Misconceptions, myths, and subsequent stigmas continue to circulate, making life absolute hell for patients already suffering from serious medical conditions. Despite this social isolation, plenty of empowered individuals take up their writing implements and use their realities to completely dismantle common, wrongheaded assumptions. Memoirs about mental illness are more or less a subgenre all on their own, and any author willing to put him- or herself out there in the interest of education deserves commendation. Listed in no particular order, and never meant to discount the brave contributions of other writers, the following 20 reads make a great place to start learning about mental illness from a first-person perspective. As literature is, of course, entirely subjective, try not to pitch a wee hissy over inclusions and exclusions. Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen: In this famous memoir of mental illness, author Susanna Kaysen chronicles her stint in a psychiatric hospital at age She received a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, a condition largely overlooked and misunderstood by the American mainstream, and relates all the intimate details back to readers.

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