Gabe shut up about the sun

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gabe shut up about the sun

Dark Sun Rising (The Continuous War, #1) by K.M. Martinez

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale isn’t sure if she believes in angels, but she’s pretty sure she’s not a descendant of one.

Her grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, would beg to differ. Her brothers, Victor and Gabe, would tell her to shut up about it and just do what shes supposed to do: fight. Specifically, they want her to follow The Ways by participating in the Agora–the annual gathering where the seven clans compete for honor.

But Mel has never been one for competition, and the other clans have started to take notice. When she narrowly avoids being killed by a mysterious man the night before the Agora, she cant help but wonder if the other clans have judged her according to The Ways: as a traitor.

One way or another, this Agora is about to turn deadly.
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SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN.” “Your department's just you, right?” “Yes, Jim, but I am not easy to manage.” “We never were really good at small.
K.M. Martinez

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