Childrens books about guardian angels

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childrens books about guardian angels

Angel Kids: Enchanting Stories of True-Life Guardian Angels and "Sixth Sense" Abilties in Children by Jacky Newcomb

This delightful book reveals the amazing encounters that children have with their guardian angels and loved ones on the Other Side, as well as fascinating insights into the lives of psychic children . . . and the parents who have to cope with this phenomenon.

As you read, you’ll discover:

·      Grandparents who regularly visit their grandkids—from the Other Side!

·     Kids with extraordinary abilities, including mind-reading and the power to move objects with their thoughts alone.

·     Young children who remember a life before they were born.

·     The mother who lost a son who was later reborn as her grandson.

·     The thousands of brilliant children whom the authorities have labeled as “learning disabled.”

Thousands of children the world over are being born with enhanced sixth-sense abilities. Psychic kids are the new “normal”!
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Guardian Angels (My time with Jesus/Catholic)

If you're frustrated with trying to get your young kids in bed, or getting them to stay in bed, The Angel Guardian is for you. Based on research, the book was created to establish a consistent bedtime routine, help children get more sleep, and make nighttime more fun for everyone. I can't wait to share it with my family.
Jacky Newcomb

We All Have Guardian Angels - Children's Book

Children need help from guardian angels even more than adults do in this fallen world, since kids haven't yet learned as much as adults about how to try to protect themselves from danger. So many people believe that God blesses children with extra care from guardian angels. Here's how guardian angels may be at work right now, watching over your children and all other kids in the world:. Children enjoy imagining invisible friends when they're playing. But they actually do have invisible friends in the form of real guardian angels, believers say.

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They are, in literary terms, the Helping Hand of a benevolent universe. Fewer people still believe in a benevolent universe - there is, after all, so much alarming evidence to the contrary - and we prefer our heroes to prove they can win through on their own resources. Child heroes these days need to be independent and self-empowered. But I do. He or she will certainly do their best, but the solution to the trickiest bit of the puzzle will come from a chance remark, or a bit of help and advice from an unlikely guardian angel type character. As if a benevolent universe knew exactly what was needed, and was offering a Helping Hand. She is the force from beyond the purely causal, rational world, who, with the occasional quiet suggestion of an alternative possible course of action, changes the lives of everyone around.

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Guided Meditation for Children - The ANGEL - Kids Relaxation

Help us to educate and improve the welfare of disadvantaged populations. Our mission is to educate and improve the welfare of disadvantaged populations in the community. This is accomplished with our two programs. There is only 1 book for every children who live in low-income communities. Every book that is purchased, we will donate a book to a child in need. Our goal is to provide 1 book for every child in America.



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  1. Top 10 guardian angels in children's books. From PG Wodehouse and CS Lewis to Anne Fine and Ali Sparkes, authors have always had a soft.

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