Questions about france with answers

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questions about france with answers

Stephen L. France answers your questions — Ask the Author

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Welcome to our French Quizzes and Trivia Page

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Francophiles are crazy about all things French. Good luck and NO cheating! Who is the current president of France? John Elkhoury B. Marine Le Pen C.

Are you saying this to someone who's a native French speaker? A young person? If so, for a woman, I've had a variety of phrases used on myself, some of which are more memorable than others. Mais oui or heck yes! A chance to visit any city for even hours is worth it, IF you're prepared when you get there. Get yourself a map of the city center, with underground lines on it and plan what you'd like to see either during your train trip or beforehand.

Printemps Rooftop Terrace

Read more. - A: France.

Need a quick cheat sheet to ask or answer questions in French? This handy list of basic survival French questions and answers is here to help! Now for some simple French questions and answers about your name, age, and where you're from. When to Use Tu and Vous. The Easy Guide to French Numbers.

At A Glance! Brush up on your history and get the atlas ready , because we've got every kind of france quizzes online for you! Do you want to learn all there is about france? If yes, what better way than some awesome france quizzes to satisfy your hunger for knowledge? Test yourself and share these france quizzes with your friends and peers to find out who is the quiz champ! Enhance your knowledge about a countries or learn something completely new about people by answering these awesome quiz questions. You can prepare for an upcoming test, simply keep yourself updated or even get insights into creating awesome questions with these france quizzes.

We have selected here the most frequently asked questions about studies in France. If you don't find the answer to your question on this page do not hesitate to write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For the quality of the educational system: Internationally recognized diplomas, degrees, and certificates; internationally renowned institutions of higher education and research; a system of accreditation that ensures quality education. France devotes almost 20 percent of its annual national budget to education—about 10, Euros per student! Domestic and international students are treated equally at French institutions of higher education. For scientific, industrial, and economic know-how : France is the source of technological marvels such as the high-speed train, the smart card, the Ariane rocket, and Airbus planes.

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  1. Welcome to our French Quizzes and Trivia Page. Which themed amusement park in France is based on the stories by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny? Which French President formally opened the Channel Tunnel with Queen Elizabeth II?.

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