What is bittersweet symphony about

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what is bittersweet symphony about

Bittersweet Symphony by Rebecca McNutt

In the concrete jungles of corporate New York, a skyscraper stands in a faded industrial brownfield. The Madson Tower, a place notorious for murders and cases of deadly negligence, has attracted the interests of CEO Tony Barone and his team of employees. Sure, the landlord might be a bit creepy, Tonys daughter might be seeing things that arent real, but the cheap rental price is definitely a steal! If Tony wasnt such a skeptic himself, he might be able to see the horrible things surrounding him. Maybe then he would notice the strange fires starting up through the building. Maybe then hed notice his lawyers clients are all turning up dead. Are his employees just being too panicky, or is there something more sinister at work? If Tony doesnt figure out what to do soon, he and his advertising agency might just become more casualties of a structure that eats people alive.
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Riverdale Cast - Bittersweet Symphony - Riverdale 2x12 Music [HD]

Rolling Stones Give ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ Back to Verve Frontman

Ashcroft released a statement early Friday recapping the background of the dispute, which follows in full below. Permission for the use of the recording was obtained but for whatever reason at the time permission for the use of the song was overlooked. They were confident they would be able to do a deal with the publishers and convinced Richard to allow the release of the album as it stood. However Mr. Allen Klein, the owner of ABKCO, was very protective of his copyright and the only deal that he was prepared to do involved Richard effectively signing away all of his rights in one of his most iconic songs, including the total lyrical content.

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The metaphorical title suggests that life, like a symphony, is comprised of high notes and low notes but is bitter sweet because many people can find themselves stuck in the formal structure of society and, without realizing it, watch as life passes before their eyes. The song, which is in a first person point of view, is sung by the lead singer Richard Ashcroft as he reveals that he would like more meaning in his life, but feels trapped, powerless, and unable to change due to circumstances of his life that are beyond his control. This is …show more content…. In stanza one he explains that he will take us down the only road he has ever known, the one that takes us to the place where all the veins meet. Anatomically, the place where all of the veins meet is the heart which implies that the story he is about to tell is a deep and emotional one. In stanza three he states that he never prays but tonight he is on his knees which shows his desperation about his imperfect life. As he prays sincerely, he believes that any sound of compassion recognizing his pain at all is better than silence and that the melody allows him to feel better.

An alternative rock song released in it was the band's first single to be released, it hit top of the charts 2nd in UK and hitting charts worldwide. The title 'Bittersweet Symphony' refers to the hardships we all face through life, the times where we're both doing good and bad taking all the unfortunate and fortunate things in life. The narrator implies often expression in hope for citing music as an important factor in this 'I let the melody shine let it cleanse my mind I feel free now" although the 'bitter' aspect is always sung straight afterwards 'but the airways are clean and there's nobody singing to me now'. He realizes he could change for the better now and live life meaningful, if it were just him to him to change he would but the circumstances in life has trapped him limiting his choices, his job, his bills, and his family. He won't accept it because it's the only life he will have, he's on the verge of breaking and can't take living life without meaning, at his most desperate time he begins to pray for help, he feels it's possible to break free of his mundane life but after his prayer god does not answer and he is back to being trapped. He has no idea what to do and finds himself just as discouraged and helpless as before.

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