Short poems about time and love

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short poems about time and love

Poetry Quotes (14097 quotes)

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You considered carefully every word choice. Every word choice has a reason behind it. A short poem can be the ultimate act of romance when it is given the time.

The Poetry of Time

Who doesn't like being romanced every now and again? It's the little things that count, and what better way to show a little love than sending some little love poems to that special person in your life? This is especially good if you're dating, say, an English major, or generally anyone that loves the art of words and the lovely and silly ways they can all be strung together. And if you're not exactly the best at stringing said words , there's nothing wrong with finding them online or in a book and then sending them off! Whether you're just in a moment of passion, feeling inspired to personify a modern Romeo and Juliet without dying , or you don't think your partner hears this stuff enough, little love poems are the simplest way to inject some extra romance into your everyday life. Don't be shy, and let yourself be ooey-gooey!

A love poem will not always be long and flowery. Sometimes what you need to say can be very short. In fact it may be the fact that the poem is short that makes it special. Its short length may show that you put the time and effort in to make every word count. You considered carefully every word choice.

Short love poems are in great demand, so here is a whole page dedicated to short love poetry. If you're looking for short love messages or short romantic poems, this is the place. Short love sayings use imagination, as this short love verse does. Idle Dreams In idle dreams of long ago, I imagined my true love; A perfect match, a soulmate, An angel from above. By Joanna Fuchs.

Poems about time. You can read the best time poems. Browse through all time poems.

Are you looking for some poems about time? The past is absolute hate; The future is just a bit of bait; Your cone of timidity escapes All possible contemporaneity. Raw desire passes through A long physical causal chain; Yeah, the past is free of the future; But the future is not free of the past. When the observer crosses the line, The observed falls into time; The future is a function of your destiny; What you did to me was as certain as fate. There was a time before time When there was no time at all, Not a single number, not a single digit, We were one, and we were love—. This poem takes some time as its theme.

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