Can cows walk down stairs

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can cows walk down stairs

Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?: The Best Brains Answer Questions from Science Line by Paul Heiney

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Can cows go down stairs?

We know they can get up stairs, but what about moo-ving back down?.
Paul Heiney

Is it true cows can't walk down stairs?

We've always wondered whether cows can go down stairs - turns out they might, with a little encouragement. By Luis Villazon. It is a widely held belief that cows and horses cannot walk down stairs. The slope of most staircases is over 35 degrees or 4 in 10, which would be a very steep hill indeed. On a shallower gradient, there is nothing magical about the nature of stairs that presents a particular challenge to cows, horses, snakes or any other animal. There are YouTube clips of cows very reluctantly tackling short flights of stairs, so it can be done. Sign up to receive our newsletter!

Did you know that you can lead a cow up steps but not down? It has to do with weight distribution. Imagine a cow walking up stairs. The weight is towards the rear and when the knees bend they are pointing up. Now imagine the same cow going down stairs. The weight of the cow is now distributed to the front of the cow. Their knees are pointed down and they need to rely on faith that the next step is within landing distance or they will tumble down.

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But is there actually any truth to this? To put it simply: it is very difficult for cows to walk down stairs. Cows struggle with walking down stairs because the incline and structure of stairs are not found in nature and are tailored for human leg proportions. The average slope of a staircase is 35 degrees, so we humans can walk down it without a second thought. Cows, on the other hand, have a much different weight distribution and bone structure than we do, so it is difficult for them to move in the same manner. When you think about it, anything as massive as a cow would have difficulty going downhill at a slope of 35 degrees.

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