Space hulk review board game

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space hulk review board game

Space Hulk: The Novel by Gav Thorpe

space hulk is about a squad of the deadly terminators of the blood angles chapter of space marines (space vampires) have been deployed in the dozens to clear a massive city sized spaceship called a space hulk. where thousands of millions of humans, but this ship has been contaminated by the deadly tyranids, extra galactic race of aliens that ate an entire galaxy then moved on to the milky way galaxy and they send the deadly genestealer to splice and infiltrate and infect the already polluted human gene pool,this sends the blood angles chapters terminators to clear it out. The squad moves through the ship,and one by one they die,now the team must clear the ship for their god emperor.

in cahoots with the board game (yes a board game) it stars terminators with varying weapons like an assualt cannon, and heavy flamer,storm bolters, thunder hammers and storm shields,and other weapons, so and inticipation for the new space hulk: death wing i both read and listened to the audio book.

all in all review
story:4/5 this is one of my favorite 40k books
characters: 3/5 Ive listened to the audio drama malediction it gave a lot of characters and development, since this Ive looked differently these characters differntly, they all (spoiler alert) die
they had good final moments.
plot:4/5 the primarch of the alpha legion once said war is the galaxies hygiene. it clearly shows when as soon as the action starts you wont want to put the book down,it is always makes for a good picture in your mind,picture this, you are walking down a hall in a suit of massive red power armor, you here running down the hall you squad mate swings around and smacks one purple four armed alien to the ground and then there is more running then more shots ring out they can barely be held back by the flames from Leons heavy flamer the other members usher you behind them and to regroup, as you fall back you hear,REMEMBER MY LEGACY! then a loud explosion rings out. Leons gone.
Please tell me that isnt your ideal sci fi action story?

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Space Hulk (4th edition) Review

Space Hulk is a board game for two players by Games Workshop.
Gav Thorpe

Review: Space Hulk 4th Edition from Games Workshop 40K for Casuals!

Great write up! As a long-time 40k hobbyist I rarely play the game but I grew up on the stories and art. Mostly I paint I somehow missed playing Space Hulk. Maybe it was the lack of people to play with or something. GW just re-released it today, though, so I finally picked up a copy and have been thinking about it all day. I like your review as you're a board and video game nut, not a 40k fanboy.

Space Hulk 4th Edition. In Space Hulk, you take on the roll of the Space Marine Terminators, sent to recover valuable technology, lore and treasures or the vicious Genestealers that have made the Space hulks their home. That being said, the box is literally chock full of goodies. The other components in this game are great though. Like any dungeon crawl tile game, just know that this is a factor.

So far my friends and I went up to the 4th scenario On that last one I even had obscene luck, the kind of luck that rolls 4 sixes in a row against a tyranid assault And even then I couldn't achieve my objective retrieve the CAT thingie from point A to point B cuz at some point the marines always fall under genestealers assaults. I felt like we oughta save time next time, and just roll dices. The one with the most 6 would win.


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