Biology book online for 10th grade

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biology book online for 10th grade

10th Grade Biology Quiz Questions and Answers by Arshad Iqbal

10th grade biology quiz based eBook has 912 multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs). Each topic has biology quizzes, objective questions with answers at the end of chapter for online learning. Chapter 1 has biotechnology quiz with 51 multiple choice questions. Chapter 2 has coordination and control quiz with 208 multiple choice questions. Chapter 3 has gaseous exchange quiz with 44 multiple choice questions. Chapter 4 has homeostasis quiz with 89 multiple choice questions. Chapter 5 has inheritance quiz with 84 multiple choice questions. Chapter 6 has man and environment quiz with 121 multiple choice questions. Chapter 7 has pharmacology quiz with 47 multiple choice questions. Chapter 8 has reproduction quiz with 192 multiple choice questions. Chapter 9 has support and movement quiz with 76 multiple choice questions.
This eBook has multiple choice questions and answers on topics addictive drugs, alcoholic fermentation, angiosperm, antibiotics and vaccines, axial skeleton, bacteria, carbohydrate fermentation, carnivores, chromosomes and genes, co and complete dominance, components of human skeleton, DNA structure, ecological pyramid, ecosystem balance and human impact, elbow joint, endocrine glands, endocrine system, endocrine system disorders, endosperm, fermentation and applications, flows of materials and ecosystem energy, gametes, gaseous exchange in humans, gaseous exchange in plants, gaseous exchange process, genetic engineering, genotypes, glucose level, human body and skeleton, human homeostasis, human kidney, human nervous system, human receptors, human urinary system, inheritance: variations and evolution, interactions in ecosystems, introduction of biotechnology, introduction to genetics, introduction to homeostasis, introduction to pharmacology, introduction to reproduction, invertebrates, kidney disease, kidney disorders, lactic acid fermentation, levels of ecological organization, medicinal drugs, Mendel’s laws of inheritance, methods of asexual reproduction, muscles and movements, nervous coordination, parasites, plant homeostasis, pollination, pollution: consequences and control, respiratory disorders, seed germination, sexual reproduction in animals, sexual reproduction on plants, single cell protein, skeletal system, sperms, sporophyte, symbiosis, thymine and adenine, triceps and bicep, types of coordination, types of joints, urine composition, vegetative propagation, for quiz based eLearning with online prep tests.
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