How many days till may 20

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how many days till may 20

How Many Days To My Birthday? by Gus Clarke

This book was given to me as a Christmas gift from a preschool teacher of mine. The book is about a little boy who can not wait until his birthday. His extreme impatience leads to him asking his mom frequently how many days were until his birthday. To prevent the question being asked so many times, the mom makes a calendar with her son so he can mark off each day until the day comes. He prepares for his birthday and once the day passes... He asks about Christmas. The silly story is very relatable to children because they are always waiting for the next thing. This is a good book to give to kids for their birthday when they are young or for Christmas, like it was given to me. I think giving books for gifts is a very sweet idea.
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How Many Days There Are In May?

Right now, there are 91 days until Christmas !
Gus Clarke

How many days until Christmas 2019

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