Long nose masquerade mask meaning

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long nose masquerade mask meaning

Laura Morellis Blog, page 7

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Published 13.05.2019

Womens Metal Filigree Venetian Masquerade Mask

The 7 Different Types of Masquerade Masks

The wearing of masks in Venice is a tradition which goes back as far as the 12th century, and historians speculate that it was a response to one of the most rigid class structures in all of Europe. Eventually the wearing of masks was so ubiquitous that the government had to pass laws restricting it to the Carnival season. This is a simple, white mask with a square jawline that projects out over the mouth. In the 18th century, it actually became a standardized mask for political decision-making events, to guarantee anonymity when participating in ballots. The volto is a variation on this mask that covers the entire face including the mouth.

Commedia dell’arte masks

A Glimpse at the History of Venetian Masks

Venetian masks have been worn in Venice , Italy, since antiquity. With a level of social wealth unequaled since, the citizens of Venice developed a unique culture—one in which the concealing of the identity in daily life became paramount to daily activity. Part of the secrecy was pragmatic: there were things to do, people to see, and perhaps you might not want others to know what deals you were cutting. After all, the city is relatively small. Additionally, the masks served an important social purpose of keeping every citizen on an equal playing field.

Posted on September 05, by Vivo Masks 26 Comments. What style should you wear? Which color should you choose? Is it an accurate expression of your personality? Covers the full face and is often either heavily gilded or stark white.

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