My son is a marine

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my son is a marine

Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the United States Marine Corps by John Schaeffer

In 1998, Frank Schaeffer was a bohemian novelist living in Volvo driving, higher-education worshipping Massachusetts with two children graduated from top universities. Then his youngest child, straight out of high school, joined the United States Marine Corps. Written in alternating voices by eighteen-year-old John and his father, Frank, Keeping Faith takes readers in riveting fashion through a familys experience of the Marine Corps: from being broken down and built back up on Parris Island (and being the parent of a child undergoing that experience), to the growth of both father and son and their separate reevaluations of what it means to serve. From Franks realization that among his fellow soccer dads the very words ‘boot camp were pejorative, conjuring up ‘troubled youths at risk (But arent they all terribly southern? asked one parent) to Johns learning that the Marine next to you is more important than you are, Keeping Faith — a New York Times bestseller — is a fascinating and personal examination of issues of class, duty, and patriotism. The fact that John is currently serving in the Middle East only adds to the impact of this wonderfully written, timely, and moving human interest story.
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naming my son 'US Marine Hyde'

We want to share these boot camp survival tips with you. If you read nothing else about MCRD, read this. You'll be glad you know them.
John Schaeffer

A Son Transforms Into a Marine

The following was written by the founder and Executive Director of MarineParents. The past few weeks have brought about many reasons for me to reflect on the nearly 14 years of service to Marines and their family members. But it did. My son was at Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego and our country was going to war. In I started MarineParents.

Keith and Linda Freshour's son Robert always had an independent streak. When he announced that he wanted to join the Marine Corps, his mind was made up. But Keith wasn't afraid to ask Robert several tough questions. So, do you know what you're doing? Keith had plenty of reasons to make sure his son was serious about service.

How To Join

Soldier returns home to find that his son is now a girl

I will forever hear the word marine as love. I know, I know. The Marines are not about love. You might say they're about defense and protection. The Marines will tell you they're all about fighting and killing. I'm not exaggerating.

My son Michael just graduated from PI bootcamp on Dec 16, He chose infantry and will be leaving for SOI on Jan16th. I will not lie I'm terrified at what lies ahead for him and am having a hard time with this but I have a very strong belief and faith in God and your book has helped me accept my son's choice. He was told he will see Iraq so I will have to reread your book again to help me when he gets deployed. He also like your son has escaped injury from 2 accidents and He believes with all his heart that the Lord has a plan for him and will watch over him. Thank you for writing such an inspiring book it has touch my heart so deeply.

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