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let me watch this logan

Let Me Watch You by Emma Hillman

Tonight is the night when Matt will finally see Jill, the woman hes been talking to online. As soon as she appears onscreen, he knows everything is about to change. The chemistry between them is explosive. Watching her is a pleasure in itself, but Matt soon realizes he needs more. He needs to touch her, take her...in every position. And thats exactly what hes going to do.
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Published 26.05.2019

Logan Paul - Help Me Help You ft. Why Don't We [Official Video]

Hugh Jackman: Logan, X-24

In the end, it was a huge viewing event. But relatively few people actually paid for their streams: many more watched it through other, live and pirated, streams, such as those available on Twitch. Now people who didn't catch either of those streams, or who want to watch the fight again, can finally do so for free. That is also available entirely for free. KSI and Logan Paul have committed to a rematch in the new year, after their fight in Manchester was declared a draw. It is not clear when or where that will happen, though KSI has suggested he is aiming for summer and a location on the East Coast. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

This event is one of those extravaganzas that has critics out in droves… but it will likely do bang-up business at the gate and make a bunch of folks a mini mountain of loot. Purists are already clenching those teeth, grinding molars to dust, as this piece of the Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch, to unfold Nov. This, after they clashed Aug. OK, purists will also be irked that Paul and KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, will be granted professional licenses, so they can fight a six-rounder at cruiserweight, sans headgear. And the duo, who have 40 million YouTube subscribers between them, will be paid ridiculously handsomely for the effort to boot.

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YouTuber Logan Paul stormed out of a press conference with fellow-vlogger KSI, as the pair try to drum up interest in their livestreamed boxing match at Manchester Arena next month. The YouTube stars held the event with fans in London's York Hall on Wednesday, ostensibly to trade barbs before their big fight, which is expected to rack up millions of views online. Those barbs escalated into genuinely offensive insults, with KSI real name Olajide Olatunji hurling abuse at his opponent's girlfriend and family. KSI strolled on-stage wearing a blond wig, an apparent reference to Logan Paul's luxurious surfer hair, and said: "Hasn't England suffered enough? We lost to Croatia in the semi-final.

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