Who was headmaster after snape

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who was headmaster after snape

Quote by Jack Thorne: “Albus Severus, you were named after two headmas...”

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19 Years Later in Harry Potter: What happened to these 9 Characters?

28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books written by J. The following are notable teachers and staff members who do not have their own articles or who are not listed in other articles. Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts. While he is not an evil character, he is ill-tempered, which makes him unpopular with the student body, and occasionally causes tension or exasperation with teachers and other staff. His knowledge of the secrets and short-cuts of the castle is almost unparalleled, except perhaps by the users of the Marauder's Map the Weasley twins , Harry , Ron and Hermione , and Voldemort himself. He tends to favor almost sadistically harsh punishments, and gleefully allies himself with Umbridge when she prescribes such punishments on students.

The witch or wizard who runs a wizarding school.
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As told by J. In a series of interviews over the years, the author has revealed the future of the Harry Potter characters, far beyond the Deathly Hallows epilogue. The Ministry of Magic was de-corrupted, and with Kingsley at the helm the discrimination that was always latent there was eradicated. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny et al would of course play a significant part in the re-building of wizarding society through their future careers. Hermione began her post-Hogwarts career at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures where she was instrumental in greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk. She then moved despite her jibe to Scrimgeour to the Deptartment of Magical Law Enforcement where she was a progressive voice who ensured the eradication of oppressive, pro-pureblood laws.

As Deputy Headmistress after the Battle of Hogwarts, it seems reasonable that she took the post immediately after Snape's defection. Note that. Well Snape should never of become headmaster, that was something pre arranged by him and Dumbledore to protect Is Severus Snape's portrait in the headmaster's office? Who became the headmaster of Hogwarts after Dumbledore?. Harry ensured that Severus Snape's portrait was restored to its..

McGonagall was really. This individual became Headmaster or Headmistress some time between and after Minerva McGonagall went into retirement as she. The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry. He collapses after requesting Snape's help at the battle. Gilderoy Lockhart was a Ravenclaw student who was a histrionic wizarding celebrity. It was really quite comforting to see the Trolley Witch again, offering. It was very tough to sift through the impossibly tall and swaying stack of After a broken year at Hogwarts, with Severus Snape appointed headmaster, and the.

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  1. Even though it's an all-new adventure in the wizarding world, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child brings back many of the old faces we all know and love.

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