Machiavelli ends justify the means quote

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machiavelli ends justify the means quote

Machiavelli Quotes (35 quotes)

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Published 15.07.2019

Episode 5- Did Machiavelli Say The End Justify The Means?

What Does The Ends Justify The Means Mean?

Did Sarah Palin really say that she could see Russia from her house? Did Marie Antoinette really say 'Let them eat cake? June 3, Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are, and those few dare not oppose themselves to the opinion of the many, who have the majesty of the state to defend them; and in the actions of all men, and especially of princes, which it is not prudent to challenge, one judges by the result. For that reason, let a prince have the credit of conquering and holding his state, the means will always be considered honest, and he will be praised by everybody because the vulgar are always taken by what a thing seems to be and by what comes of it; and in the world there are only the vulgar, for the few find a place there only when the many have no ground to rest on. Needless to say, this is considerably more nuanced than the stick-figure consequentialism commonly attributed to the Florentine political theorist.

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Does the end justifies the means? Machiavelli gives a complex answer to this fundamental politic problem. Hence, The prince must take into account the actual realities. He must be aware and be done with, the specificity of social space and political context of its action. In this space, dominates the appearance, the prince can not ignore it, and must know himself in play, otherwise it will be trapped in this false duality be-appearance.

Most people attribute this quote to Niccolo Machiavelli. He was the author of The Prince , which was published in the first half of the s. This work, however, never directly uses this expression, in English translations or the original Italian. Another mark against Machiavelli as the origin is that his work may have been satire. This is supported by the fact that he wrote several other satires. Also, the family to whom he dedicated his book, The Prince , arrested him. Another possible origin is that of Heroides , by the Latin writer Ovid, who lived from 43 B.

What happens after you are finished speaking? How do you make sure your conclusion leads to the intended action? How can you be certain you have reached the set goal for your presentation? This quote is from Nicolas Machiavelli, famous Italian thinker of the Renaissance. It means that you are ready to use all legal and illegal means at your disposal to reach your goal. Machiavelli developed this idea to describe the political framework by whatever means used is justified in reaching the goal.

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