Questions to ask when creating a character

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questions to ask when creating a character

Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Authors Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development by K.M. Weiland

MY MIND IS BLOWN. Here I thought I knew aaallll about character arcs and this book came along laughing evilly to inform me of my naivete.

I probably wasnt ready for all of this yet? I mean I am STILL AN AMATEUR. But even though it was a little overwhelming I still learned so so so much from this book. The parts about a flat character arc were particularly eye-opening; I knew what a flat character was but I HAD NO CLUE there was such a thing as a flat character arc. I actually think one of my characters might have a flat arc and I didnt even know it. xD

Id highly recommend this to any writer whos completed a novel. If you havent completed a novel, it could be kinda mind-boggling? You dont want to get discouraged and be like: AAHHH I HAVE TO DO ALL THIS STUFF IN MY NOVEL when you still might not understand all the basics yet. *nods* Ive completed two novels and this was STILL pretty advanced. (I mean that may just be because Im blond but then again maybe not idk xD)
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How to Write an Interesting Character in 5 Minutes!

The most important part of your novel is the part that will never been seen by the reader. Well, you and your character, that is.
K.M. Weiland

Bodies, Blind Spots and Quirks: 5 Key Questions to Ask When Developing Characters

Because these characters that matter to me. So how do you create characters that matter to your readers as much as these guys? You get to know someone on a deeper level. You spend enough time with them that you build trust and share more than just your favorite songs and ice cream flavors with one another. You truly open up and bond over the deep stuff. The stuff that no one knows helped shape who you are today. These questions will help you formulate a strong, well-defined, believable character readers will invest in.

Pretend you are an interviewer for a newspaper, a secret agent, or a novelist, and you are interviewing, or interrogating, a character for your story. Imagine the character is sitting in front of you, you have a new fifty-sheet yellow writing pad and your favorite pencil your cat chewed, and you are about to ask them a list of questions. Create a character by conducting an interview. Interview your character before you start writing so you can immerse yourself completely in who they are and what they stand for. Interview them and find out who they are. When you completely know your character before you start writing, you will have a better understanding of how they will react in different situations. Your character will be more three-dimensional if you know who they are before you start writing.

The Character Questionnaire is a list of questions, put into groups, to help prompt writers to add detail and depth to their characters. And if you join our mailing list form at the bottom of the page , we'll email it to you as a PDF. It's not intended like an exam, that you must complete for each character in order to get full marks. In fact, you should only consider doing it at all for the major characters. And even then it's most useful as an inspirational tool, not a plodding box ticking exercise. The questions can help us think about aspects of our characters we might not have considered otherwise. They can prompt us to develop new, unique elements of their personality.

Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task.
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Why Interview Your Character Before You Start Writing?

April 7, By thinkwritten 15 Comments. Need help developing the personalities of your characters in your book? When you open up a book and start reading you know right away after you are introduced to the main characters whether or not it is a book you will want to continue reading. If the characters are flat, have zero personality, or even do conflicting types of behaviors throughout the story your readers will lose interest. The way to really draw in your readers is to make every best effort to ensure your characters are fully developed and are relatable. The more we can relate to your character, whether they are main characters or supporting characters , the more likely we will believe the story. Character Interview Questions can help you develop the basics of who your character might be like.

Creating a character questionnaire for each major character can lead to richer fiction and greater focus. Following are some sample questions to ask your character. Envision the character sitting in the room with you and telling you about him- or herself. Then fill in the answers to the questions as they are provided. Depending on your character, you might find many other questions to ask that will provide you with an additional understanding of the character and more material for your story.


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  1. Creating a character questionnaire for each major character can lead to richer fiction and greater focus. Following are some sample questions to ask your.

  2. Apr 25, Don't just craft characters, master craft them. Use this questionnaire to help you discover 40 new ways to build your character's unique identity.

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