Christian song your great name

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christian song your great name

The Lost Boys of Sudan: An American Story of the Refugee Experience by Mark Bixler

In 2000 the United States began accepting 3,800 refugees from one of Africa’s longest civil wars. They were just some of the thousands of young men, known as “Lost Boys,” who had been orphaned or otherwise separated from their families in the chaos of a brutal conflict that has ravaged Sudan since 1983. The Lost Boys of Sudan focuses on four of these refugees. Theirs, however, is a typical story, one that repeated itself wherever the Lost Boys could be found across America.Jacob Magot, Peter Anyang, Daniel Khoch, and Marko Ayii were among 150 or so Lost Boys who were resettled in Atlanta. Like most of their fellow refugees, they had never before turned on a light switch, used a kitchen appliance, or ridden in a car or subway train—much less held a job or balanced a checkbook. We relive their early excitement and disorientation, their growing despondency over fruitless job searches, adjustments they faced upon finally entering the workforce, their experiences of post-9/11 xenophobia, and their undying dreams of acquiring an education.

As we immerse ourselves in the Lost Boys’ daily lives, we also get to know the social services professionals and volunteers, celebrities, community leaders, and others who guided them—with occasional detours—toward self-sufficiency. Along the way author Mark Bixler looks closely at the ins and outs of U.S. refugee policy, the politics of international aid, the history of Sudan, and the radical Islamist underpinnings of its government. America is home to more foreign-born residents than ever before; the Lost Boys have repaid that gift in full through their example of unflagging resolve, hope, and faith.
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Todd Dulaney - Your Great Name (Extended Version) - Live in Orlando

By Natalie Grant.
Mark Bixler

Your Great Name We Praise

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She was already grateful and thankful that the song Your Great Name , which she co-wrote with worship leader and author Michael Neale. In , the Christian music singer, songwriter, wife and mom was diagnosed with advanced stage Lyme Disease after getting bitten by a tick 3 and half years prior. And, I know that it was only a taste of His power. From that point forward, over the course of about 2 months, the Lord healed me completely!! Fast-forward a few years. Her church in Franklin, TN began having Wednesday night worship services. One evening during one of these services, a call for prayer went out to pray for a little boy who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only had a few days left to live.

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From the instrumental portion to the vocals, this song digs deep into the layers of our soul with slightly repetitive but powerful lyrics. Thankfully, this song demolishes that thought and replaces it with the warm embrace of the Father. I have to admit, I have had this song on repeat for a few months now. Powerful lyrics and moving acoustics make for a song to sit back and be filled with the power of the Spirit. This is not a song that I have ever heard on the radio, but it should be-- what a calming and encouraging tune. This song hits home for me.

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  1. The lyrics from the song make each name of God come alive: Using each line of the song and the name it represents, Your Great Name illustrates to modern-day readers how God has revealed Himself.

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